TSCM Kentucky

If you have secrets worth protecting, then top notch counter surveillance is what you need.

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TSCM Kentucky

Surveillance is now so technologically advanced, people may be listening to you and monitoring you without your knowledge, in layman terms you can be bugged without knowing it.

Technical surveillance counter  measures [TSCM] helps you deal with the detection of bugs, listening and monitoring devices etc.

TSCMKentucky.com will help you eliminate the threats of audio surveillance.

TSCM Equipment

It doesn’t matter to us whether you are just an individual or a big corporation; we go all out for all our clients.

We have top notch equipment and a highly trained staff that are well versed in surveillance and counter surveillance measures.

We will help you find out if you have been bugged and help determine the source when possible.


We have the best of industry standard equipment.

We have a highly trained and experienced staff.

We successfully passed factory classroom training on

  • Threat overview of commercially available devices
  • Telephone testing procedures and equipment
  • Physical search procedures equipment including: Non-Linear Junction Detector, CPM-700, Thermal Imager and X-Ray equipment

Private Investigations

Due to the fact that we run an advanced private investigations company, we don’t just apply tech intelligence we also apply human intelligence. No matter how top notch the equipment, interpretation of data is always very important.

Our team of highly experienced investigators take things up a notch and don’t just settle for the obvious.

Need Reliable and Professional TSCM, You Need Us!


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